Thursday, July 25, 2013

WYD Rio 2013 - Thursday

Yesterday our catechesis was done by Bishop Robert Brennan and Bishop Nelson Perez. Both are auxiliaries of Rockville Centre.

After breakfast, we gathered in the hotel conference room for two short talks by each of our Bishops. The presentations taught that you should always work to make the connections between faith and life. They’re not always obvious and people have a tendency to just hear what they want. In some cases, it might be how they need to change.

They also emphasized relationship with God through Christ. The goal of Christian life is to be in inserted into the Trinitarian nature. Our way to God is through Christ. In faith and trust.

All divine life flows through him to us. Intimate union with him is the only way to get that life.

And finally, our Bishops also introduced a sense of personal sin

One of the greatest obstacles to conversion is lack of a sense of sin…both original sin and personal sin.

Conversion is essentially turning from your old way of life toward God’s way.

If you can get people to understand how original sin wounds human nature and keeps us from becoming who we’re meant to be, that’s powerful. On top of that, personal sin perpetuates that by keeping us separated from the only thing that can help…God’s life within us.