Friday, March 22, 2019

St. Joseph: Fountain of holiness

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The Gospel says that Joseph was “a righteous man” (Mt 1:19). Some people ask: What more can be said?
Plenty! In 1989, Pope John Paul II offered us a masterful explanation and reflection of the unique vocation of St. Joseph in God’s plan of salvation with the pastoral exhortation Redemptoris Custos (“Guardian of the Redeemer”). This inspirational document, marking the centenary of Pope Leo’s landmark encyclical, treats “the person and mission of St. Joseph in the life of Christ and of the Church.” It recalls what makes him special, not only for us personally but for the universal Church.

Some note that Joseph’s role must not have been so important because it is not treated in any great detail in holy Scripture. Yet neither is the vocation of Mary. What little is said, however, is highly significant.

Theologians have reasoned from the scriptural basics to explore many of the functions and privileges grant ed Mary. The same process has taken place in regard to Joseph. Once the divinity of Jesus and the virginal motherhood of Mary were firmly established in Catholic doctrine and in popular understanding, teaching about Joseph could emerge without concern that his unique position in the Holy Family would be misunderstood.

The better we know Mary, the better we know her Son, from whom she derives all her dignity and whom she reflects so faith-fully. In a similar way, contemplating more deeply the mission of Joseph helps us to know more deeply the greatness of Mary.

Pope Benedict XV summed it up this way: “By St. Joseph we are led directly to Mary, and by Mary to the fountain of all holiness, Jesus Christ, who sanctified the domestic virtues by his obedience to St. Joseph and Mary.”

Like Wife, Like Husband: Why should we honor St. Joseph? 


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

St. Joseph & Jesus, Bro. Joseph Aspell - Dayton

This week we celebrated the Feast of Saint Joseph. Joseph was a member of the Holy Family along with Mary and Jesus. Saint Joseph has always been considered to be a patron of all members of the Marianist Family.

Let us pray:

Joseph, it was to you that the Father entrusted his Son
and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Continue to be for us a sign of God’s love in the Church, Mary’s family today. By the inspiration of your faith and love, draw our community closer to Mary, our Mother, and to Christ, our Brother. Share with us your love of Mary. Give us the joy of growing in our devotion to Mary and to her family.

May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Amen.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Saint Joseph & the Marianists

From its very beginnings Saint Joseph served as the patron protector of the Marianists:

Father Leo Meyer, S.M., and Brother Charles Schultz, S.M., set sail for the United States on May 28, 1849. Their boat landed in New York on July 4, 1849, and on July 16 they arrived in Cincinnati,  hio. Because of the cholera epidemic then taking its toll on the inhabitants of Cincinnati, Meyer and Schultz traveled to Dayton, Ohio, where they worked at Emmanuel Parish and cared for people suffering the effects of the epidemic. (Members of the Society of Mary still serve the needs of the parish community today).

At the end of July 1849, Father Meyer met John Stuart who owned 125 acres of land close to Emmanuel Parish. Stuart was eager to sell his proper- ty and return to France. He informed Father Meyer that he would sell him the property for $12,000. Though he had no money, Father Meyer agreed to buy the property. His first payment was a medal of Saint Joseph which was accepted by Stuart. Father Meyer was able to pay off the debt in 1861. The newly acquired property was called Nazareth

Marianist Province of the United States

Monday, March 18, 2019

Marianist Monday

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Chaplain, Kellenberg Memorial High School, Uniondale

On the Second Sunday of Lent we also commemorate St. Patrick. This day is often associated with soda bread, shamrocks and spirits; however, there is also a spirituality that flows from this outstanding missionary that can be seen in a prayer that is attributed to him called the “Breastplate of Saint Patrick.” In this prayer, we first learn about the power of the Trinity in our lives: “I bind unto myself today / The strong Name of the Trinity ...” When we call upon the Trinity — the Father, Son and Holy Spirit — we are confident in God’s protection to guide us every step of the way.

Secondly, St. Patrick reminds us to be missionaries confident that God serves as our teacher who touches our minds and hearts: “I bind unto myself today / The power of God to hold and lead ... / His hand to guide, His shield to ward, / The word of God to give me speech, / His heavenly host to be my guard.”

St. Patrick teaches us that God works with, through and in us. And, finally, we see through St. Patrick how Christ is ever present, around us, within us and in our brothers and sisters: “Christ be with me, Christ within me, / Christ behind me, Christ before me ... / Christ in quiet, Christ in danger, / Christ in hearts of all that love me, / Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.”

May we remember this Lent to be like St. Patrick, to be open to a spirit of conversion and to grow in greater awareness of the loving God in our lives. St. Patrick, pray for us!

Asking the Clergy
March 17, 2019

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Operation Fiat

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The Province of Meribah is hosting their Spring OPERATION FIAT at the Chaminade High School - Mineola Community on Thursday, March 21st from 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 pm.

Come and explore the Marianists through Evening Prayer, Adoration, Talk, and Dinner.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Liberate the heart

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“Lent is a time of grace that liberates the heart from vanity” Pope Francis said on Ash Wednesday, “It is a time of healing from addictions that seduce us. It is a time to fix our gaze on what abides”.

The Pope concluded his lenten homily inviting Christians to fix their gaze upon the Crucified one saying “Jesus on the cross is life’s compass, which directs us to heaven”.

“From the cross, Jesus teaches us the great courage involved in renunciation” he said, urging us to “free ourselves from the clutches of consumerism and the snares of selfishness, from always wanting more, from never being satisfied, and from a heart closed to the needs of the poor”.

It is difficult to live as He asks, the Pope said, but it leads us to our goal and “if we take the path of love, then we will embrace the life that never ends. And we will be full of joy”.