Saturday, July 20, 2013

WYD Rio 2013 - Province of Meribah

We arrived safely in Sao Paulo for the beginnings of our World Youth Day pilgrimage.

The flight was smooth and delightful. With over one hundred pilgrims from the Province of Meribah the remainder of the plane was very kind and encouraging. The Captain gave a special "hello" and "best wishes" before we departed the flight in Sao Paulo.

Last night we arrived at the Tivoli hotel with great accommodations. Flowers are everywhere. Orchids lined the tables. Tropical plants inside and outside the hotel have welcomed us from the humid New York weather.

 The rest was certainly a needed one. But today we will start with breakfast and meet with our other 30 pilgrims who are on their way to Sao Paulo. Together we will tour the city and then celebrate Mass at the Cathedral de Se. The weather here is expected to be 71 degrees F by midday.

 And so we have begun our pilgrimage to WYD Rio 2013
John Kelly and Andrew Killian prior to our Sao Paulo flight at Kennedy International.
Brian Ziede in New York.
We have arrived in the Brazilian airport.
Fr. Thomas and pilgrims pause in the Tivoli hotel lobby.