Sunday, July 21, 2013

WYD 2013 - Province of Meribah

We had our first full day of our pilgrimage together today. All our groups have now gathered in Sao Paulo and we toured the city in the early afternoon.

Later we made our way to the Cathedral de Se for a tour. Tourists and pilgrims crowded the steps of the Cathedral. We are having our first taste of World Youth Day as we entered the Cathedral. Songs, dancing and international groups are beginning to form. Flags from around the world are now visible. 

On the way to Rio we will celebrate Mass together again. But as we make our way towards Rio we are conscious of the witness we make as pilgrims.

The simple and gracious signs that we make are now more important.

The bowing of our heads and praying before a meal in a restaurant speaks loudly of what we believe. 

The camaraderie that we share as we walk and share a meal is noticed and commented on by those who surround us.

The peace and prayerfulness that we experience when we celebrate the Mass and experience the power of the Eucharist is our faith.

 We know this pilgrimage is an opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with Christ.

Tomorrow we are all geared for an early rising and a trip to Rio.
We celebrated Billy Griffo's birthday on Saturday's evening meal. 
We also celebrated Danyal Brink's birthday on Saturday.
Richard Husch enjoyed the all-you-can eat Brazilian steakhouse.
Maksymilian Jakobsze takes another slice of beef .
Nikki Ditizio and others gather around the pasta station.
We toured the Cathedral de Se.
Emily Gomez, Carolic Barrick and Caroline Fenton lead the singing at the Church of the Immaculate Conception. 

Tim Fasano listens carefully to instructions.
Matthew Doyle on his way to dinner. 
Christopher Stamm listens as we make our way to our bus.
Brian Hayes