Wednesday, August 3, 2011

World Youth Day - Where's it at?

The opening and final mass for the world youth day will be held at Cuatro Vinetos air base in Madrid. Cuatro Vientos Airport, is the oldest Spanish airport and one of the three civil airports of Madrid along with Madrid-Barajas and Torrej√≥n Air Base. This airport is mainly operated by general aviation aircraft, Flight Training Organizations and flying clubs. Due to the runway length and surrounding buildings it is only possible to operate helicopters, piston engine aircraft, medium size turbo-props and small business jets. 

Cuatro Vientos was originally an air base, which later became a civil airport. Thus, there is a military section located on a separate apron of the airport, opposite to the civil one. It is also used as Madrid base for the Spanish Police helicopters and turbo-prop airplanes, as well as for the road traffic surveillance helicopters.

Workers begin to erect a giant frame which will be used to seat pilgrims during a visit by Pope Benedict XVI, at the Cuatro Vientos air base in Madrid, Wednesday July 6, 2011. The Pontiff will hold a Vigil at the Cuatro Vientos aerodrome, during his 4-day visit to Spain in August.

A worker at the Cuatro Vientos air base is seen behind a monument to Pope Juan Pablo II at the base in Madrid Wednesday July 6, 2011. Pope John Paul II visited the base in 2003 and Pope Benedict XVI will hold a Vigil at the Cuatro Vientos aerodrome, during his 4-day visit in August.