Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 5 - World Youth Day -

The city of Madrid has grown to epoch proportions and our pilgrims have managed to meet pilgrims from around the globe. The art of exchanging pins has assisted in meeting faithful Catholics from Long Island to Cimbayee.

This afternoon we travelled to the LOVE AND LIFE venue sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and the Sisters of Life. Music and dancing filled the large arena about 45 minutes from our hotel. After an hour-long concert from LÁngelus we settled down to listen to Father Robert Baron about his work entitled, Catholicism.

Late yesterday we received our pilgrims bags fro WYD -  2011.

Once again, the spirit of WYD was phenomenal. We reconnected with many Marianist graduates participating and organiziang the event.

The later part of the evening was spent at the WYD Opening Mass with the Archbishop of Madrid as the principal celebrant.  The throngs of pilgrims descended just blocks from our hotel for this Mass.

Tomorrow we travel to Toledo. Stay firm in the faith.