Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 3 - World Youth Day

Our day at Lourdes was one filled with many graces. It was a day surprised by the joy of God. There were opportunities given and received. Generosity was shared and accepted. Faith expressed and grew. The miracles at Lourdes are alive and well.

Mr. Joseph and Elyssa Metz assisted us at Lourdes with tours and instructions. Long time members of the Marianist Family, the Metz's shared their knowledge gained from over 20 years of service to the Church and the Grotto. We are deeply moved by their love and devotion to the Church. We are grateful to the time they spent with us.

Our most faith-inspiring moment today was the Lourdes Baths. May God continue to bless our pilgrimage, "In His Footsteps, World Youth Day 2011."

Danielle DiCicco and Jenn Procia share a little time prior to dinner at Hotel Eliseo.
Kevin Liddy assists at the distribution of Holy Communion at the Grotto.
Patrick Nuzzolese marks the communion spot for the hundreds attending morning Mass at the Grotto.
Eileen Scahill, Colleen Kammerer and Katie Alexanderson pause after Mass before the Grotto.
Mr. Joseph Metz began the tours by the statue of Saint Bernadette.
Lauren Doodian and Grace Simpson continue on our Metz Tour of the city.
Kiran Swamy and Pat Morrissey stop before the Grotto.
Our morning Grotto Mass begin with Fr. Thomas as one of the concelebrants.
The enthusiasm of the Marianist pilgrims continued throughout the day.
A check of the time among the joy of the crowd.
Danielle Godley epresses her faith as she entered the convent Chapel.
Mr. Joseph Metz kept our attention wit his vast knowledge.
A short pause before the day's journey.