Friday, August 14, 2009

Mutual Services

Our retreat each year offers the Brothers the opportunity to reflect on the gift of our vocation. Our religious vocation is received as a gift. How do we respond to that gift? What do we do with that gift?
As Marianists, the many services that we render in Community are a response to our religious vocation. The mutual services are wide and varied. Sometimes the services are periodic and at other times they are daily, but they all make the common life meaningful and valuable. Daily cooking isna service that each of the Brothers takes as an opportunity for creativity. Doing the dishes is a task of necessity. Even folding the laundry is part of the daily services that we render to each other in Community.
The attitude we take when we do these mutual services can make these opportunities tasks of joy and happiness, if done as a response of gratitude for our common call to follow Christ and His Mother.