Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Apprenticeship with the Man Closest to Christ

One of our current seniors began our work projects today with this prayer:
"The garden hose is a channel that conveys water from a source (faucet) to a specific location (lawn). Likewise, Joseph humbly conveyed God's will to the world as husband of Mary and father to Jesus. As a source of all that is good, God often uses ordinary people to bring His supernatural grace into our lives. In the process we can grow in holiness in the ordinary events that occur each day." (Each week Brother Michael Joseph travels with Extraordinary Ministers to distribute Holy Communion to the sick and the elderly. Dan Brandon and Michael Brodnansky are pictured above.)

"Avoid connections to the world that promise much but deliver little, the quest for more pleasure, recognition and wealth. View your life as a personal vocation willed by God rather than a personal project."

(Bishop Chris and the children of the Diocese of Auki sing together in front of the Cross.)