Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christian Joy - a quality of relating to one another

This summer the Province of Meribah reflected on a number of essential themes integral to our Marianist way of life. In particular we spoke about the quality and need of joy in our common life.
For the Marianist way of life, we need joy in our consecrated lives. Joy is contagious. It breeds charity, warmth, caring, and fraternity.
Joy, evangelical in its origin, needs to be cultivated. It is not simply laughing at a joke or a situation - it is more than that. Christian Joy is a perspective, an approach, a qualtity of relating with others.
Joy takes the time needed- it requires time spent together, time away from the burdens and tasks of our very busy apostolate of education.
Can I pull myself away from the drive and the need to accomplish - long enough to relax, to reflect, to read more spiritually or to pray more? We are all about the "long haul." Are we taking those steps to help sustain one another in joy for the years to come, to practice what Dorothy Day calls, "the duty of delight"?