Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ignorance of Scripture...anyone?

Today we celebrate the Feast of a great Doctor of the Church, Saint Jerome, the 4th century scholar who, at the urging of Pope Damasus, translated the entire Bible from Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic into the language of the Church - Latin.

To him we attribute the Latin Vulgate Bible. Jerome was given another gift, that of being able to express the Word in the simplest and most meaningful way and honing in even more on the true essence of all that was written by the prophets and evangelists. Within a short time the people were able to read and understand the "Good News" of the New Testament.

Today we proclaim the wise and wonderful Saint Jerome because he has revealed Your loving design by making Your word known. Through Your grace, St. Jerome penetrated Your Divine Revelation so profoundly that from this treasure he could dispense the old and the new wisdom, thus prompting us by his example to seek constantly in the sacred pages Christ, Your living Word.