Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Service as Normal

A week or two ago one of our students organzied an irrigation installation at Queen of Peace Residence in Queens Village. At the entrance canopy of the home for the elderly are fifteen hanging baskets. No longer do the Little Sisters of the Poor need to worry about watering those plants. This new watering system will automaticly keep the plants moist. The only catch is the battery needs monthly replacement.
The water piping is quickly installed in the picture taken from the roof of the canopy.

Above Scout Dom Resca poses with the Little Sisters and a relative of a resident.
On October 11th the Foundress of the Littles Sisters of the Poor will be canonized in St. Peter's. Three of our Brothers will attend the Canonization Ceremony of the foundress who will be proclaimed as Saint Jeanne Jugan.

"Blessed be God!"