Monday, September 7, 2009

Marianist Monday

(Above, Brother Roger, Brother Mark, and Father Garrett repair the ceiling at Mary's Residence)

In 1839, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade wrote that “we too have been called, as we believe, by Mary herself, to assist her with all our might in the struggle . . . of our times.”
(Brother Thomas assisted by student volunteers prepare the soil for planting at Mary's Residence,)

Blessed Chaminade embraced the ideal of a “family spirit,” of religious and lay persons, faculty and students, working together to achieve lasting relationships of friendship and trust, supporting and challenging each other in developing their mutual gifts.
(Mary's Residence is to be a home for young unwed mothers purchased by Catholic Charities. Many of the interior renovations were done by the Brothers, faculty, alumni , students, parents and friends. Above, the volunteers assemble after a busy work day.)

For the Province of Meribah our schools are communities of faith. Blessed Chaminade saw clearly that its leaders, religious and lay, must see their work not merely as a job but as a ministry of love and service.