Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We have chosen Mary

We have chosen Mary, as we well know, and we certainly had in our hearts the intent to choose her for our Mother. But, are we equally assured that, for her part, the divine Mother has made a choice of us, to have us in her special family? That is no less certain. We would not have chosen Mary, if she had not chosen us first. It is not of ourselves that we have reached this point. 

It is through a hidden guidance of Providence which directed our steps; which inspired in us this confidence to take for our Mother the Queen of all the world. 

We cannot have any doubt; it is the grace of God, and this grace, like all others, comes to us through Mary. It is through her love for us that have come the graces which have attracted us into her Society. It is, therefore, she who has chosen us; it is MARY WHO CALLED US.

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade,
Retreat 1817 to the First Marianists