Monday, July 20, 2015

Marianist Monday

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Jesus in his life and teaching 
shows us the value of celibacy
for the sake of the Kingdom; 
he became poor in order to make us rich; 
and he was obedient 
even to death on the cross 
in order to fulfill the Father's saving will. 

Mary, too, was a chaste Virgin 
who waited on the Lord; 
she rejoiced because 
God chose the poor 
to bring about the wonders of His power; 
by her obedience she 
cooperated in the mystery of salvation. 

Through our vows 
we take up a way of life 
like that of Jesus and Mary. 

By our religious profession 
we follow Jesus, 
who calls us as persons 
and communities to live the beatitudes 
and to participate in his redemptive sacrifice. 

Offering ourselves to God, 
we share in the Lord's paschal mystery 
and bear witness to our hope.