Friday, October 9, 2009

To Be Free You Must Surrender

One of the greatest paradoxes of our faith is that in order to discover true freedom we must learn to surrender.

But why?

If we understand the goal of the Christian life to be far more than just ceasing destructive or sinful behaviors, the goal becomes transformation. To live as a new creation, a life devoted to becoming like Christ. It is in that surrender, we receive the grace to abandon a life of selfishness and embrace a life of selflessness.

The Christian is called “to be like Him” as Father Chaminade would say. And so we must follow Jesus’ example praying, “Father not my will, but your will be done!”

As we begin the process of slowly surrendering all to God we find the peace, joy, freedom, and purpose that God intended for us.

Take a moment to listen to this week’s meditation song and pray for the ability to surrender.

"I'm letting go of myself. I'll say so long to everything else.

I just want to be in your arms. Moving ever closer to your heart."