Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Be Still

We all live very busy lives, there is no way to deny this simple fact. Yet it is difficult to imagine how much we do in a single day. Whether it is work or family, children or errands, cooking or homework...just the simple daily obligations we have fill every waking moment of our days.

And yet God calls us to stop, to be STILL, and to KNOW that HE is GOD!

To be still, is to quiet not only or surroundings but our mind. To stop the noise and silence.

We don't often like silence, it can make us uncomfortable. All of the things our "busyness" keeps out of our thoughts come rushing to the forefront. We immediately seek the refuge of our schedules and the next things on our lists.

But silence is essential for one to hear the voice of God.

So turn off those iPods and TVs. Log off the computer and power down those cell phone. Today try to make time, even if it is just five minutes, to BE STILL. Maybe stop by church and pray before our Lord in the tabernacle, find a quiet spot outside and witness the beauty of His creation, or even find a quite room in the house to just take a moment to meditate.

For those who believe that they just don't have the time to spare, remember this, we always make time for the important things in our lives, then how can we not make time for Him.

Be Still...Listen Carefully...You might be surprised what you hear!