Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Our identity: the Beatitudes

From the Catacombs of S. Priscilla, 

The identity of the Christian is this: the Beatitudes. There is not another one. If you do this, if you live like this, you are a Christian. “No, but look, I belong to that association, to that other …, I belong to this movement …”. Yes, yes, all good things; but these are fantasy in front of this reality. Your identity card is this [indicates the Gospel], and if you do not have this, movements or other belongings are of no use. Either you live like this, or you’re not a Christian. Simply. The Lord said it. “Yes, but it’s not easy, I don’t know how to live like this …”. There is another passage from the Gospel that helps us better understand this, and that passage of the Gospel will also be the “great protocol” according to which we will be judged. It is Matthew 25. With these two passages of the Gospel, the Beatitudes, and the great protocol, we will show, by living this, our identity as Christians. Without this, there is no identity. There is the fiction of being Christian, but not identity.