Saturday, May 21, 2016

what‘s the demand of love?

As Jesus welcomes children he gives them status,
he notices them, 
he tells them the greatest honor of all – the Kingdom – is theirs. 

This is an extraordinary picture of a Kingdom where 
the last are first, where the least are given identity and value. 
What have we learned about what God’s Kingdom is like, 
who its for, and what its values are?

This is as challenging as anything in any of the great spiritual messages,
very easy to say,
but exceptionally hard to live.

Namely, every moment wherever you are, 
whatever you are doing,
what is the demand of love?

That’s all that matters.
Everything else is commentary.

So my career, my fame, my fortune,
all the things that we fuss about.
It is all extraneous
to the central thing
which is - what’s right in front of me?

Right now,
what‘s the demand of love?

That’s the little way.
little because it is little in the eyes of the world
but you see 
it is a paradox

It is great in the eyes of God.
That’s all God is concerned about.
When you go to the gates of heaven
what is the quality of your love?

Are you capable of love?

That’s what heaven is all about.

This is a spiritual clarity

And I think that’s what is being asked of us.

What’s the demand of love?

What’s right in front of me.

“Let the children come to me,
for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
Then he embraced them
blessed them."