Thursday, May 19, 2016

Come, Holy Spirit

Pray with me for the Spirit to come into our lives
-- and to change us...
and especially to change what we know in our heart of hearts
most needs changing.

• Come, Holy Spirit, once more fill my heart
with the fire and power of your gifts.

• Come, Holy Spirit, fill up wisdom's lamp,
to enlighten my mind, my thoughts and my will.

• Come, Holy Spirit, light the way:
help me see and embrace all that God is revealing.

• Come, Holy Spirit, with knowledge and truth,
brand my mind and my heart with the Word of the Lord.

• Come, Holy Spirit, my beacon of counsel
for judgments both prudent and pure.

• Come, Holy Spirit and kindle my courage
to do what is right, to do what is fair, to do what is just.

• Come, Holy Spirit and stoke my desire
to humble myself before God.

• Come, Holy Spirit, light the flame of your presence
and draw me to reverence and prayer.

• Come, Holy Spirit, flood my heart with your gifts
and my soul with the breath of your peace.

• Come, Holy Spirit, to the Father's love draw me,
through my, Savior, my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.