Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Prayerful thoughts

Come, Holy Spirit, come!

Calm our restless hearts
with true, deep peace
that's only yours to give...

When we're troubled
soothe and comfort us:
with serenity that lasts...

Heal our fragile, broken hearts,
make strong our faith
when we're in doubt...

In our confusion
give us wisdom
and the counsel of your word...

In our weakness
give us courage
to do what must be done...

When we stumble
in the darkness
be the light upon our path...

Make us hungry
for your holy word
and thirsty for your truth...

Give us joy
in every sorrow,
gently wipe each tear away...

Holy Spirit, fill our hearts
and kindle
fire and light within us...

Come, Holy Spirit, come!
Come here, come now
and don't delay!

Come, Holy Spirit, come...