Thursday, May 12, 2016


Getting from here to there, Lord -
that's how I need your help today:
getting from here to there...

Here is, well, you know, Lord:
here is now,
this day, this hour, this moment;
my present circumstances,
my current problems, worries and concerns;
here is this day's burdens and fears,
this hour's anxious waiting,
this moment's aching loneliness...

And there?
You know where there is, too, Lord:
there's that place that seems so far away,
a week's, a month's, a lifetime's journey
down the road,
yet there's as near
as my accepting the reality of
with all its troubles,
right where I am...

If only I'd begin to live,
not in all my yesterdays
or some imagined future,
but in the present moment:
where I am,
where you're with me
and where, with you,
I've all I need
to get from here to there
for here and there
are now in you
and in you, Lord,
is all my peace

In you, O Lord,
here and now,
is all my peace,