Wednesday, April 29, 2015

EASTER - relationship with the divine

Have you ever stopped to consider who commands the biggest salaries, the greatest compensation for just doing their "job" in our society? It's not CEO's of multinational corporations. It's not the politicians or other public servants who keep the machinery of government grinding. It's not the doctors or counselors with whom we trust our physical and mental health. It's certainly not educators, those we charge with nurturing minds. No, the highest paid people in our society are entertainers.

There is a good reason that the most popular and outrageously paid of these entertainers are called "idols." What should be a fun bit decorating our days has become the central focus of our lives. What should have remained pretty gold rings giving some adornment and enjoyment to life has instead become a philosophy of existence governing our relationships with others. 

Like the Hebrews we want to be entertained by idols that we create, instead of being engaged by a God who demands that we be in a committed relationship with the divine and the human.