Friday, April 17, 2015

EASTER - Talk around a table

When people look to the Church, they are seeking to join with people whose lives are centered in a relationship with God. They’re not looking for a social club! So prayer needs to be an important part of the life of any person who wants to spread the message of Jesus.

Then, when you begin to develop relationships with people outside the Church, realize that they’re looking to have their lives changed, and even transformed. They want to feel welcomed and accepted. They want to learn about God and how to experience spiritual growth. They want the forgiveness and new life that comes through a relationship with Jesus. The Good News is that we can help people to experience this kind of transformation, because we have been shaped by the family values of Jesus and the disciples.

Prayer? We can do that. Providing a warm welcome? Shouldn't be a problem. Forgiveness and new life? We can talk about what Jesus has done for us, and in so doing help others with the spiritual growth they desire. This can happen around tables in our homes, or tables at church.

The story of Easter morning will always be at the heart of the Christian faith, because it proclaims that God has conquered death through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But equally important is the tale of Easter evening, which tells us how a mighty spiritual movement began with a talk around a table.