Thursday, April 9, 2015

EASTER - A glimpse of our own resurrection!

The tomb is empty.

That means that everything Jesus ever preached or promised is true -- which is Good News because Jesus has some amazing things to offer those of us who know the emptiness of this life. The empty tomb means that Jesus' death on the cross was, in fact, a work of forgiveness. It means that all of the mistakes we've made that leave us wondering whether or not God loves us have been punished and put aside. But that's not all.

According to Paul, Christ's resurrection is a glimpse of our own future resurrection. There will be a day when Jesus returns and gives to us the same experience he had on that first Easter. He will bring us back to life! These are the promises that Christ places in the hands of those who are willing to admit they are empty and that only Christ and his promises can truly fill them.

So what are we? Empty or full? It's an essential question because if we truly believe that our life is full, then we have no room for and no need for the great things Jesus can give. But if we're able to admit that we're broken, needy, and often empty, then the fulfilled promises of Easter are ready and waiting to fill us up.

If Jesus is risen from the dead, it means death is not the end! That's huge! It means a kingdom is coming that will bring an end to all war. It means poverty will someday cease, and everyone will have a seat at the table. That is also more than huge! Surely, you can get behind that?  It means that soon there will be a day when all those who can't walk, or hear, and those whose minds are slow or bodies are broken will rise from their chairs, step out of their beds, leave all assistance behind and be whole. That's totally amazing!