Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prayer for Wednesday

(Perhaps one of these short prayers
may be a prayer you need today...)

When fears and worries overwhelm
then give me courage, Lord,
to keep it in today...

When darkness tempts and beckons me
then draw me to the light
and let your face shine bright upon me...

When easy answers seem enough
then lead me to the truth,
that in your truth I'll be set free...

When angry grudges weigh me down
then teach me to forgive, Lord,
as you have pardoned me...

When gossip's brewing in my thoughts
then bless my speech with kindness,
with your word upon my lips...

When my heart is green with envy
then show me just how much I have
of all you've freely given...

When I must choose the right from wrong
then give me wisdom, Lord,
and help me do what you would do...

When time for me is all I have
then open me to others
and to you in others' needs...

When I've run out of words to pray
then let me listen, Lord, and hear
what you would say to me...
                                                                 H/T A Concord Pastor Comments