Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Just finished a remarkable book that tries to prove the existence of heaven.  Dr Eben Alexander's book,  Proof of Heaven, is an extraordinary story about a most extraordinary experience. Dr Alexander is a neurosurgeon, so he truly knows how the brain works. He explains that most doctors dismiss NDEs (Near Death Experiences) as the final flickerings of a dying brain. Death, he explains, is not when the heart stops, but when the brain stops.

But Dr Alexander himself contracted a most rare form of bacterial meningitis and his brain went into shut down. He was in a coma for seven full days. His body worked, but his brain was dead. After six days his condition was so critical that his family was told that there was a 97% mortality rate, and those few who survived would be in a persistent vegetative state. But he bounced back and eventually recovered. While he was in the coma he had a most vivid and memorable NDE. That story is remarkable, but the book is worth reading simply to go through the amazingly rare illness and miraculous recovery that he experienced.