Sunday, February 27, 2011

Take Heart!

In today's gospel Christ tells us that we cannot serve both God and Mammon?  Did the priest say we cannot serve God and Manna? No, Mammon.

"Mammon is a term that was used to describe greed, avarice, and unjust worldly gain in Biblical literature. It was personified as a false god in the New Testament. The term is often used to refer to excessive materialism or greed as a negative influence."

Jesus is asking us to place our trust in Him alone.  We cannot worship two gods, we cannot be divided, we need to Take Heart!

To totally place all our trust in the Lord is easier said than done.  It requires that we surrender our will to His divine will.  It requires that we truly believe and hope in all that Jesus said.  And ultimately we must take heart that God is truthful, that he is our refuge, that he is our savior, that he is our healer, that he has overcome everything!

Think about it God is bigger than our sin...bigger than our mess... bigger than our lack of faith.  And yet what does he do?  He lavishes us with gifts!  Have no worries, take heart, trust!  He calls us to do only one thing... to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everyhting else, yes everything else will be given to us!

Talk about a father who cares for his children!  So take heart! Trust!