Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marianist Spirituality

Blessed Chaminade clearly wanted all Marianists to be formed by a common spirituality. This spirituality forms our outlook and attitudes, and we are profoundly marked by them. Blessed Chaminade considered a Marianist as someone formed and identified by the spirituality he taught.
Marianists were to be recognized as belonging to the same family by similar dispositions, attitudes, and virtues that result from being formed in the same spirituality.
As Marianists we are called to live the virtues of Jesus and do his works collectively.
We are called to be a collective witness to the presence of Jesus in this world and to carry out his transforming works together.
A Marianist spirituality gives us the basis for a common experience of the presence of Jesus among us, and it makes possible a collective witness to Jesus and a united effort in doing his works.