Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I want to see Jesus

Pope John Paul II on Vocations

"The Lord will always call, and there will always be responses on the part of people who are ready and willing. He needs, and wants to need, your persons, your intelligence, your energy, your faith, your love, your holiness. He wants to speak to the people of today through your voice. He wants to consecrate the Eucharist and forvige sins through you. He wants to love with your heart. He wnats to help with your hands. He wants to save through your efforts. Think about it carefully. The response that you give is given personally to Christ, who is calling you to these great things."

"We turn our gaze to Mary, Mother of the Church and Star of the New Evangelization. Let us call upon her with trust, so that in the Church there will be no lack of men and women who are ready to respond generously to the invitation of the Lord, who calls to a more direct service to the Gospel."