Friday, February 25, 2011

Luv vs. Love

LOVE is a word thrown around a lot nowadays and unfortunately we as a society and culture have lost a true understanding of what LOVE truly is.

For the past month has been discussing what is real and authentic LOVE.

"There is no other word more ambiguous, more malleable than ‘love.’ It’s a million things to a million people, and the only thing we can seem to agree on is that we want it. It’s patient, it’s kind… it’s a battlefield, it’s all we need… for thousands of years artists have tried to define love. When you add to that confusion the fact that God is love… things get even more complicated."

Ultimately LOVE is... "Painful, sacrificial, self-giving, uncomfortable, forgiving, humbling, heartbreaking. We die for it, we endure ridicule in it, we turn our cheeks because of it, we abandon our own personal desires to chase it."  That is why the clearest image of LOVE the world has ever seen is Christ on the cross, there is no better revelation of LOVE.

I challenge you to read and pray about the articles below on the 5 counterfeits of LOVE.  Matt Smith "talks about the things that at times might look and feel like love, but are in fact just a counterfeit."