Thursday, February 17, 2011

Faith of the heart

Faith of the heart is the foundation for forming the "new self" in Jesus, because it brings about a change in our thinking and in our feeling. To make our faith effective, Blessed Chaminade gave us a method for exercising faith of the heart.

First, I must be clear about the content of my faith. What preciserly do I believe? How do I feel about it?What is in my mind? How are my emotions concerning this particular matter? I will take an example from my own life. Do I really belive that Jesus has called me to be a member of the Society of Mary? If I believe with my mind, my answer is the following: "Yes, I believe God wants me to be a member of the Society of Mary." But I might also find myself saying, "Yes...I think so...but I am not sure..." In such a case, my faith is weakened by doubts. Finally, I must conclude that I do not believe if I answer, "I really don't know." In any case, I need to give a clear answr of what I accept as true.

However, my answer should not only be what I accept with my mind but also how I feel about it.