Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christian friendship

What a revelation to us are Jesus' words to his disciples at the Last Supper.

"You are my friends, I call you friends, not servants because I have shared with you all that the Father has given me."

Another classical phrase demonstrates these words of Jesus - friendship finds equals or makes equals. Jesus raises, as it were, the Apostles to His level. He makes them(and us) one with HIm sharing His relationship with God the Father, initiating us into God's own life and spirit. Jesus enables us, makes us heirs of His kingdom, - one heart, one mind.

Our human friendships lead us to Christ's friendship and from there to God's circle of friends.

True Christian friendship is sacramental. It reveals to us un human terms the mystery of God's love.

And for me, the friendship of Father Francis revealed the face of the Father, the God of love and kindness, not the God of fear and anxiety. He taught me the opposite of love is fear. He taught me this on a daily basis over many decades.
Portion of homily at Funeral of Fr. Francis