Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Cross: a symbol of life & glory

Last week we celebrated the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Our Lady of Sorrows. The Church often picks moments of grief and sorrow and suffering and turns it into a celebration. 

Our hearts were brought back to the foot of the Cross to enter into the grief and sorrow of our Lady.

Maybe there are certain things in life that can be understood through sorrow and suffering.The cross, a symbol of shame and death is turned by Christ into a symbol of life and glory.

As Mary stood by the cross in sorrow and pain, she was also changed and transformed. In that moment of her greatest sorrow, Christ proclaimed Mary to be the Mother of the Church.  By dying on the cross, Christ gave life to us and gave Mary to be our Mother.

So when sorrow and suffering are put into the hands of God, something beautiful happens, something glorious happens.

When we meet with troubles or distress, or sorrow and suffering, let us go to Mary and stand with her at the foot of the cross.

Even when we sink into the depths of sorrow and suffering, God assures us this: a beautiful moment is about to happen, a glorious moment is about to begin.

Let us stay close to Mary and we will share in the glory of the cross.

Please pray for Father Francis. Let us continue to call upon the name of Mary to watch over her faithful son!