Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Sunday Word


Hab 1:2-3;2:2-4
2 Tm 1:6-8,13-14
Lk 17:5-10

This Sunday we celebrate the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time. We are approaching the 34th and last Sunday of this liturgical season. 

There's no better way to prepare for Sunday Mass than to read, ponder and pray over the Scriptures that we will hear proclaimed there.

We are introduced to the prophet Habakkuk for the first reading. He writes a lament at a desperate time of faithlessness and political peril. He doesn't hold back on giving God his two cents on how he thinks the Lord is running things! The Lord also gives his response, promising that the vision of hope still has its time.

The connecting between first reading and the gospel isn't easy to discern here. The Gospel of Saint Luke offers us the parable of the mustard seed. In addition, Jesus speaks to his disciples about the service he demands and expects of those who follow him.

This is definitely a week when prior familiarity with the Scriptures will enhance your potential for understanding them on Sunday morning!