Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Integrity - Pass it on

Pope John Paul II wrote that: “the parable of the rich man and Lazarus must always be present in our memory; it must form our conscience. We cannot stand idly by, enjoying our own riches and freedom if in any place, the Lazarus of this century is at our doors. In the light of the parable of Christ, riches and freedom means a special responsibility. Riches and freedom create a special obligation”, he concluded. We who are blessed in so many ways have a special obligation to be present to those in need. It is one way we respect life. And we will be held accountable the parable reminds us.

The beggar in the Gospel was given a name, Lazarus, which means God is my help. Perhaps he was named so we would see him as a real person like us. The rich man was not given a name, perhaps because he represents so many who are blessed in so many ways. We name ourselves as Christians. To live up to that name we are called to accept the responsibility to be the means through which God helps others.