Sunday, November 6, 2016

Venerable Faustino Perez - Postulant of the Marianists

Among the younger readers of "My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary," in 1961, was a fourteen year old Spanish youngster, Faustino Perez-Manglano. In his diary he wrote: “After having read a quarter hour of My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary, I became conscious of the marvelous beauty of this book. No words can express the greatness of its content. How marvelous is my mother Mary! This book teaches me how to increase my love for Jesus, for Mary, and for the persons who are dearest to me, my dad and my mom.”

Faustino died, with all the signs of holiness, in 1963, barely sixteen. Father José Maria Salaverri, S.M., the  author of a biography of Faustino, commented, My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary, "had helped this young man become holy."

Faustino has now been granted the title “Venerable.” Faustino will continue to serve as a fitting role-model, particularly for young people.