Saturday, November 19, 2016

Marianists and Mission

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A Community in Mission 

In communities inspired by faith, 
we seek to live like the first community of Jerusalem, 
having but one heart and one soul. 
Thus we hope to bear witness 
to the presence of Christ 
and to show that still today the gospel 
can be lived in all the force of its letter and spirit. 
We find inspiration in Mary's words 
to the servants at Cana: "Do whatever He tells you." 
We remain open as a Society 
to all means of evangelization 
and we dedicate ourselves 
to the apostolic activities 
to which Providence calls us, 
according to the needs of time and place. 

Like the Word Incarnate, 
we strive to be at one with the people of our time 
and to share their joy and hope, their grief and anguish. 
However, we remember the Lord's warning 
to remain vigilant so that the norms, 
customs, and habits of the world 
will not tarnish or weaken the power of his word. 
This concern to be faithful witnesses 
is particularly needful for a community 
which wishes to bring to the world the liberation of Jesus Christ. 
The more attentive our watchfulness, the greater our apostolic boldness.