Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We touch Him where He is risen

At the heart of our faith stands Christ
calling us to draw near enough to Him that He might touch us
- and we might touch Him.

And how might we touch Him?

We touch Him where He is risen – in the lives of others.

• The risen Jesus call us to touch one another
with tenderness, consolation, compassion and healing.

• We’re called to touch our neighbors in supporting them,
lifting them up, mending their brokenness, bearing their burdens
and holding them secure.

• Jesus especially asks us to touch those who are deemed
the diseased, the outcast, the different, the marginalized;
and all those “untouchables,” in my life and yours,
who are on the other side of our anger, our resentment,
our selfishness and stubbornness and our grudges.

• Jesus invites us to touch the divine presence wherever it is found
in creation: in nature, in the heavens, in the earth, in the oceans,
in everything that lives and breathes.

Ours is a faith of touching, because we are a sacramental church
and at the heart of who we are as God’s people
stands the Risen Jesus, inviting us: Touch me and see…