Monday, April 4, 2016

God = mercy!

God is mercy!
God is a river, an infinite ocean of mercy.
The heart of Jesus is an eternal fountain of forgiveness
that never stops pumping, flowing, gushing forth with mercy,
mercy that has no end.
The font of Jesus’ mercy is never turned OFF
by the vagaries of our repentance - or lack of it.

Nor do our sins (small, medium, large or extra large!)
nor do our sins act like a faucet regulating the flow of God’s mercy.
The image we really want here is Niagara Falls
or at least a fire hydrant,
opened, gushing and flooding a city street on a hot summer’s day!
Not even the greatest of our sins is powerful enough to build a dam
that might hold back the waves of divine mercy
pounding on the shores of our souls.
God’s mercy precedes our sins.
God knows that we will sin
and is ready to forgive our sins
long before we even think of sinning.

Parents do this all the time.
Why not God?
A mother and father look on their newborn infant in all its innocence
and even though they know their child will make mistakes,
even some big ones,
even though they know their child may one day hurt them deeply,
they build no wall of protection between themselves and their baby.
Their love, like God’s love, stands ready ahead of time,
ready to forgive whatever hurt their child might bring them,
even before the hurt comes.