Sunday, April 3, 2016

God is MERCY!

We speak of the “mystery” of God’s mercy
but I’m not sure there’s much mystery to God’s mercy at all!
God is God! God is love!

God is the fullness of all things bright and beautiful;
all things just and true; all things sweet and pure.
That the risen Jesus would find it in his divine heart of hearts
to forgive this unfaithful bunch doesn’t surprise me at all.
What does mystify me, however, is how
Jesus invites, Jesus asks, Jesus even commands us
to forgive one another as fully and freely
as he forgave the unfaithful apostles,
and as fully and freely as he forgives each of us.

Sometimes we might think and act as if God’s forgiveness
is kept in a big “mercy bank” in heaven
and that when you or I tell God, “I’m sorry for such and such...”
God goes to the mercy bank,
withdraws a sufficient amount of forgiveness
and deposits it in our salvation savings account.

Boy, are we WRONG!