Thursday, April 14, 2016

He took it and ate it

They gave Him a piece of baked fish;
He took it and ate it in from of them.
Ghosts don’t chew. Ghosts don’t swallow. Ghosts don’t eat.

The battered, wounded, crucified, pierced body of Jesus
has risen from the dead - and he lives!

Today, we, like the apostles, might still think,
might even prefer to think, that Jesus is a ghost.

It would be easier for us if he were:
it would be a lot less messy,
not so much of all this touching every one
- because you can’t touch a ghost!

But that’s not how it happened.
He rose from the dead: body and soul.
And that’s Good News for us because in it we are promised
that after we die, at the end of all time,
our souls (yours and mine) and our bodies (yours and mine)
will be reunited -- in a way we cannot even begin to imagine,
and we will know one another and love one another again,
in God, in peace and - for ever!