Friday, April 22, 2016

“a reason for us to have hope…

This simple faithfulness to the gospel and to Marianist pedagogical traditions serves the Church by making available to all the energy and grace that spring from the Marianist charism. We hope thereby to revitalize our educational institutions and our personal presence, to offer people what Father Chaminade believed that Mary offers to all our lives: “a reason for us to have hope…a support, a help, and a renewed strength.”

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in this vision and this work we give encouragement and confidence to each other. Open and attentive to new approaches, each educator keeps Marianist education up to date by their contributions. Even further, as lay and religious Marianist educators, we are called to offer to those around us the testimony of our lives, to live in such a way that we vigorously revivify the message of the reign of God, already present in the midst of our world, but the fullness of which is yet to come. We hope that this renewal and putting into practice of the characteristics of Marianist education will be a blessing for all those whom we serve in the educational communities in which we minister.