Friday, October 23, 2015

The Sunday Word

Sunday's gospel gives us Bartimaeus who has two strikes against him — he is blind, and he is begging. In Jesus’ culture, that was a perfect prescription for being overlooked by society.

As Jesus passed by, Bartimaeus called out for mercy. But the crowd rebuked him — tried to put him back in his place on the socioeconomic sidelines. But his faith told him that this Light was his only chance at sight, so he yelled out even louder.

It turns out Bartimaeus was the only person in the crowd who could truly see Jesus that day.

When the Rabbi asks what he wants from him, Bartimaeus simply says, “My teacher, let me see again.”  He knows enough about Jesus to call him teacher and has enough personal belief to say “my.”

Healing him, Jesus connects Bartimaeus’ receipt of sight to his faith. The blind beggar knew the message that we need to hear:  Light sharpens our focus on the world.