Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thank you

You've given me another day to live, Lord:
a day to shape and live for you and for others,
a day to give you thanks
- a day in the life you've given me...

How would you have me spend this day?
With whom would you have me share it?
Along what path will your Spirit draw me?
Close to whose heart will your heart lead me?

Show me the answers to my questions, Lord...

What word would you have me speak today?
What quiet time will I share with you?
What tears might bless my face today?
What gift of joy will touch my soul?

Show me the answers to my questions, Lord...

When I'm tired today, give me strength.
When I'm moving too fast, slow me down.
When I'm saying too much, let me know.
When I need to speak, give me words to say.

Give me patience with this day's routine
and open me to all that's new and fresh.
This day's your gift to me, Lord:
help me spend and share it wisely...