Monday, March 9, 2015

LENT - Marianist Monday

Image result for chaminade"The essential is the interior"

“‘The essential is the interior,’ because if my prayer is continuous, in silence, of the heart and not of the mind, then peace comes to my heart, the fatigue lightens, my aggravation eases, problems are put in perspective, my joy is greater and I feel happier. Because of this, my daughters are happy with me, I’m a better husband. Because of this, I have a kind word for a colleague at school, and a comment that helps the student who needs me. Because of this, and without it being too visible, I seem a little more like Christ. Isn’t that what matters? Stop praying, and it all comes back – the aggravation, the fatigue, the selfishness. That’s why the essential is the interior. I only have to be; the rest is Christ’s affair.”

Selected excerpts from the forthcoming book Vocation Experiences of Members of Different Branches of the Marianist Family