Friday, July 25, 2014

The Sunday Word

There are more images of the kingdom in this Sunday's Gospel where Jesus offers three parables on images of God's reign coming among us. Those three images: a wheat field in which an enemy has sown weeds; as a mustard seed (the "smallest of all") that grows into a bush large enough for birds to nest in; and as the leaven, the yeast, a baker mixes with her flour to bake bread.

To help you understand these images, you might spend a little time "translating" the three Jesus offers into contemporary circumstances... what will you come up with?

The first reading of the day, from Wisdom, seems to have been chosen to complement the Gospel to reinforce the notion of God’s forbearance: "For your might is the source of justice, your mastery over all things makes you lenient to all." Just the thought that "God is lenient to all" is something all of us might spend some time pondering.

This week offers still another reading from Romans 8 and speaks boldly, if briefly, of the Spirit's role in our prayer and in interceding for us with God.