Monday, December 2, 2013

Marianist Monday

Advent is a season to prepare for, 
if you will
– to rehearse for - meeting Jesus.
In a crèche in our living room or at church? Sure, there too.
But more importantly to prepare ourselves to meet Jesus
in the ordinary day in and day out so that when he comes,
on that day, at that hour unknown to us,we will be prepared to meet him
and ready for his review of our lives.

You know: Jesus will be no more present on Christmas Day
than he is today, December 1.
But good preparation for the known date of Christmas
gives us an opportunity to pray and prepare for
the unknown day and the unknown hour each of us will face.

An important part of our “rehearsing” for Christ’s return
is our outreach to those in need.
We have the Giving Trees at this time of year,
not just to make sure everyone gets a gift,
but to remind us that we should be harvesting
a forest of giving trees all year ‘round
-- because caring for the poor is what followers of Jesus do
while they wait for his return.

What would Christmas look like
if we took away the decorations and the presents?
It would look like people waiting, not for some thing,
but waiting for someOne whose love is greater than any gift
we might imagine or hope for.

That's what Christians wait for in Advent.
That’s what we wait for every day of our lives.
We wait for Jesus
even as we wait for him this morning at this altar.

As Christ came to Bethlehem some 2,000 years ago,
he comes to this table every time we celebrate the Eucharist.

May the Eucharist and this season of Advent
ready our hearts for the day when we will meet Jesus
and strengthen us to ready the world for his return.

A Concord Pastor