Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall praise

every day you paint millions of landscapes
all around the world:
each one brushed by your careful hand,
each a masterpiece, each unique...

All outdoors is your museum, Lord,
and the entrance fee's no more
than what free time it takes for me to browse
the peaks and valleys of your artistry...

All outdoors, Lord:
from mountain tops to plains and deserts;
from canyons grand to shore lines long;
from the far away to the sidewalk passing
right by my front door...

I needn't travel far to find your work:
your presence and your beauty
breathe and bloom on every side,
in everything around me...

Shades of green that softly fade to autumn hues
reveal in how they change and fall and pass
there's not a day or season in my world
that's left untouched by you and your divinity...

And within me, Lord, the changing,
passing, falling seasons of my life
are canvas for your palatte:
the shades and tints and hues,
the spectrum of your grace,
bring light and color to my soul...

As I come and go today, Lord,
let my eyes not miss your masterpieces
all along my path:
from the sidewalk passing by my door
to wherever on this day
your Spirit leads me...


H/T to A Concord Pastor Comments