Monday, July 9, 2012

Marianist Monday

The Brothers from the Meribah Province gathered at the tomb of their founder,
Blessed William Joseph Chaminade in 2011.
In his homily for the liturgy celebrating Father Chaminade’s beatification, Father David Fleming, SM, Superior General of the Society of Mary, expressed the core of what community in the Marianist tradition was during the early 1800's and what, today, we hold up as the ideal for ourselves. He said, “Chaminade invited all sorts of people to the Bordeaux Sodality, from every class of society, every state of life, every background and education. He thought that all could live in a style of Christian community modeled on the first community of Jerusalem, with “one heart and one soul.” (Fleming, September 3, 2000)

The power of gift of Marianist community lies in this description—everyone is included; the basis for the design and methodology is a retrieval of the passion, mystery, and apostolic thrust of the first disciples of Jesus; and it embodies a unity of purpose so profound that the core of our body and spirit is engaged. Community, like colorful packages at Christmas or birthdays, is a wonderful gift—that’s the good news. The bad news is “Batteries are not included.” A source of energy is needed all the time to keep it functioning.